Fotogalerie: 2x2 Forum 2015 

Das nächste 2x2 Forum findet vom 1.10 bis 4.10.2015 statt.

2x2 Forum

2x2 Forum

Helmut Feder - Kunsthaus Kannen

Haus Nieting

Kunst Centrum Kijkoor - Baarn

Kunsthaus KAT 18 - Cologne

Zinobeer Kunstverein Atelier - Magdeburg

Project Ability - Glasgow

Musée des Arts Buissonniers - Aveyron

Jannemiek Tukker - Hengelo

Galeria Tak - Posen


2x2 Forum for Outsider Art
03. till 06. of October 2013
A european plattform for outsider art

Lectures/ Discussions/ Workshops/ Theater

Opening:  Thursday, October 3rd in Kunsthaus Kannen
Artfair:      Thursday- Sunday, 11 – 17.00
Lectures:   Friday,October 4th,  9 – 17.00
Theater:   “Ward No.6“, Theater Sycorax 
                “The mad order“, theater en face

 Exhibitors of the artfair:

•             Art Brut Gallery, Budapest/Hungary
•             Art Transmitter, Dortmund/Germany
•             Atelier 23, Gießen/Germany
•             Atelier Grischan, Dortmund/Germany
•             Atelier Jannemiek Tukker, Hengelo/NL
•             Atelier Tandem / St. Gallen/ Swiss
•             Atelier Zinnober, Magdeburg/Germany
•             Blauschimmel Atelier e.V., Oldenburg/Germany
•             Die MALzeitler, Duisburg/Germany
•             Galeria Tak, Posen / Poland
•             HKT, Nürtingen/Germany
•             Jason RØ c. V., Düsseldorf/Germany
•             Kreative Werkstatt Lobetal, Berlin/Germany
•             Kunst Centrum Kijkoor, Baarn/The Netherlands
•             Kunsthaus KAT 18, Cologne/Germany
•             Kunstpraxis Soest/Germany
•             l'Art en marche, Lapalisse / France
             Musée des Arts Buissonniers, Aveyron/France
•             Atelier Markus Meurer, Geldern /Germany
•             Offenes Atelier Alexianer, Berlin/Germany
•             Project Ability, Glasgow/Scotland
•             PWood, Venlo/The Netherlands
•             UKM Malwerkstatt Hirntumorzentrum, 

2x2 is both title and concept of the art fair: 22 European art projects, art galleries, universities and museums from all over Europe come together at the Kunsthaus, display their concepts, offering works for sale and answering questions, listening to suggestions and entering into discussions. Talks and workshops will also take place.

Thanks to the work of numerous galleries, workshops and museums Outsider Art has become more and more popular. Still, in public it is often seen as a special form of art, which does not affect and reach up to the established art world, even though it clearly holds a great artistic potential due to its originality and its unique context in which it is created.

Substantial parts of the 2x2 Forum are on one hand workshops and on the other a symposium with four lectures and discussions, which will take place on Friday, 04. of October. The speakers will be Dr. Gisela Steinlechner, Vienna; Dr. Thomas Röske, Frankfurt; Dr. Erich Franz, Munster and Sarah Lombardi from Lausanne. The lectures will deal with different issues of Outsider Art.

Workshops: drawing - swapping - drawing
All visitors and guests of the Forum are welcome to visit the studios of Kunsthaus Kannen and take part in creating paintings and postcards with different materials and the artists.

Thrusday, October 3rd

11:00                 Opening of the art fair and forum
                          Stephan Dransfeld, CEO Alexianer
Münster corp.
                          Lisa Inckmann, Director of Kunsthaus
                          Beate Vilhjalmsson, mayor of the cultural 
                          affairs committe Münster

                           Music and refreshments

11:00-17:00        Art fair/Workshop

14:30-15:30       Group discussion for artists, assistants
and therapists
Brigitte Thie - Creative Writing/ 
                           Poetry Education

20:00                "Ward No. 6", Sycorax Theater

Friday, October 4th

11:00-18:00       Art fair/Workshop

08:30                 Check in

09:00                  Opening
Dr. Klaus Telger, Chief of Alexianer
                           Lisa Inckmann,
Director of Kunsthaus 

Lectures from 9 – 16.00 

9:15 Art and Outsider Art. Development of a relationship in the 20th and 21st century, Dr. Thomas Röske, head of the Prinzhorn collection, Heidelberg

As artists valued sculptures and paintings from Africa and the South Pacific already at the end of the 19th century, thus they were among the discoverer of the aesthetics of works of art from the psychiatry. Particularly, the surrealists created this substantial reassurance and stimulus. Dubuffet’s enthusiasm followed after 1945 at first likewise artists, until around 1970 a commercialization began slowly that was soon connected with the term art brut. Although the collectors specialized themselves now mostly in this field of art but they did not take into consideration that works from outsider artists did still give new impetus to exhibition artists. Only in the last past years, collectors opened themselves up to museums of contemporary art also outsider art. A happy ending?

10:15 The Japanese Art Brut creators and ceramic art, Sarah Lombardi, director of the Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne

The lecture deals with the question of Japanese Art Brut creations, more precisely with the ceramic works by Sinishi Sawada and Satoshi Nishikawa. These two artists work in studios for disabled people. The artist’s workshops are located in the province Shiga, Japan, a region that is known for ceramic and modeling since a long time.

13:15 In the realm of symbols and script in Outsider Art, Dr. Gisela Steinlechner, literary scholar, Vienna 

In the historical collections of art brut and the art of insane asylums texts and written elements are ubiquitous- nevertheless they were little noticed or rather only perceived as biographical or pathological evidence without an artistic value. The lecture asks about possible reasons for this “nonobservance” and discusses on the basis of historical and current examples the diverse forms and functions of textual production in outsider art.

14:15 Artistic expression- Some works of artists of the Kunsthaus Kannen,Dr. Erich Franz, art historian, Münster

The content of works of modern art is often directly expressed by pictorial means- color, line structure, and visual references. Erich Franz worked for two decades as a curator for modern art at the Westfälisches Landesmuseum. He will look at the works of the Kunsthaus Kannen artists with the same approach as he looks at the works in the museum.

15:15                      Afternoon tea

Panel discussion on various topics: 15:45 - 16:45
Moderation: Dr. Bernd Apke , art historian/curator

18:00                    Exhibition Opening "Alles auf Anfang"

20:00                    "Ward No. 6", Sycorax Theater

Saturday, October 5th

11:00-17:00            Art fair/Workshop: Changing Cards

14:30-15.30           Group discussion for artists, assistants 
                              and therapists 
                              Thomas Schwarm/ Artherapy & Jörg 
                              Workshop department Kunsthaus

20:00                     "Ward No.6", Sycorax Theater

20:15                     "The mad order", theater en face,
                               Studiobühne Münster

Sunday, October 6th

11:00-17:00            Art fair/Workshop

14:30-15:30          Grup discussion for artists, asisstants
                              and therapists        
                              Lisa Inckmann - exhibition establishment


In Co-operation with:

Stadtmarketing Münster
Photographer Ralf Emmerich
Theater Sycorax
Theater der Studiobühne Universität Münster
LwL Landeshaus Münster
akku - Autism, Art and cultur e.V. Paderborn


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The flyer of 2x2 Forum can be downloaded here
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