Karl Bergenthal

Born in Arnsberg, Germany 1938

Karl Bergenthal works at the atelier of Kunsthaus Kannen since 1957. He is a very active and creative person. In 1938 he had his first approach to art in an art therapy. Now he has his own atelier spot and comes to paint four times a week. His works have already been presented to the public during various exhibitions.

His pictures mostly have an orange and red colouring, which makes them vivid and strong. Bergenthal produces them by slowly overlapping layers painted with chalk and watercolour. Thus, he constantly changes and improves his pictures throughout the working process, which can take many months. Typically, he uses a raster of horizontal and vertical lines. Here, Bergenthal "inscribes" his motives: friends, houses, flowers, presents or witches. Very often he begins his pictures with symbols that he spreads over the area and elaborates later on. His works seldomly are fully abstract, viewers can find hidden figures and objects.



1991 Maria Höttestift, Münster
1994 7. Mai „ Woche des Lebens“, Halle Münsterland
1994 Dauerausstellung „ Clemens-Wallrath-Haus“
1995 Haus Kannen Künstler, Rathaus Münster
1997 Kunst im Format, De Stadshof, Zwolle, NL
1997 CreArt97, Düsseldorf
1999 Kunsthaus Kannen MS, Das bist Du und das bin ich
2000 Martin-Luther-Haus, Wernes