Josvedy Jove Junco

Damian Valdes Dillas

Carlos Javier García Huergo

Frederico Garcia Cortizas

Ruben Gerardo Guerrero Garrido

Cuban flag

Dibujos de Cuba

Outsider Art from Havana

4th of February – May 27, 2018

Opening:            4th of February, 3pm
Greeting:            Lisa Inckmann, head of the Art-House
Greeting words: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Wohler, Alanus Hochschule Bonn
                            Nico van der Endt, Galerie Hamer, Amsterdam
Music:                 Jiho Ban, guitarr

Few other countries mirror conflicts over freedom and equality, over societal ideals and reality as allegorical and sensual as does Cuba. Its history of Spanish colonial rule, British occupation and the revolution in postwar times still takes effect in the present. But of contemporary art in Cuba we know comparatively little. From February 2018 Kunsthaus Kannen will be showing five Cuban artists who approach the reality of life in Cuba with their imagination: Cities, landscapes, humans, war.

Damian Valdes Dillas (*1970) drafts bird’s eye view of fictional South American cities, which can be static as if they were pictures in a catalogue, or a theatre of war and bombing in up-roar.
Federico Garcia Cortzias (*1971) draws networks of mighty roots, which like lindworms and snakes seem to be conquering the page from all sides. This creates a suction which pulls in the viewer deeper into the picture.
Carlos Javier García Huergo (*1954) points out correspondences between the Cuban flag, mathematical sings and the faces of people in his surroundings.
Ruben Gerardo Guerrero Garrido (*1954) transcribes passages of biblical texts and overlays them with colorful religious symbols and signs, so that they contradict the linearity of the writing.
Josvedy Jove Junco (*1977) draws fantastic figures with female attributes, glaring glasses or feathered headdresses. They are surrounded by commentaries in artificial calligraphy, which tell Jove’s stories.

The pictures and objects come from Art Brut Project Cuba, which was created in May 2012 by artist Samuel Riera and is now Cuba’s largest collection of Art Brut and Outsider Art. The artworks are made by Cuban autodidacts, many of whom come from extremely difficult backgrounds. The drawings from Havana are being presented for the first time in Germany.

In collaboration with Riera Studio, Havana and Galerie Hamer, Amsterdam.

Movie: The power of the weak, Tobias Kriele, 2015

"Humans are not measured by how often they fall, but by how often they rise again!" Thats the motto of Jorge "Jorgito" Jerez, who was born with an Infantil Cerebral Palsy. This documentary shows with impressive pictures, how a vital handicap can left behind. - The power of the weak