Hans-Georg Kastilan


Dolomiten (dolomites)

LWL museum for art and culture, Münster

death of Hans-Georg Kastilan (1927-2019)

On March 13, Hans-Georg Kastilan died at the age of 92 years on the Alexianer campus in Münster-Amelsbüren. Born in 1927 in Insterburg / East Prussia, he came to the Air Force after finishing school and later worked for the Wehrmacht. In 1946 he suffered several breakdowns and was housed in various facilities. Since 1951 Kastilan lived on the Alexian campus.

Kastilan was artistically active throughout his life and recorded series of thought journeys. The size was based on the number of sheets he prepared before painting. Each leaf corresponds to a travel station. Striking in his work is the principle of repetition. This not only appears in the order of the travel stations and the color choice, but also in the symbolic use of signs for his imaginary cities. Mostly it is the double tower, which is overwritten with "Münster", "Rome" or "New York".

His pictures have been shown in the following group exhibitions:

1990 Stadttheater Münster, Münster
1996 Franciscan Monastery, Münster
1996 Kulturwoche Grenzgänge, Franciscan Monastery, Münster
1997 Sculpture Project Münster, Outpost Münster
1997 Outpost Münster De Stadshof, Zwolle NL Gallery Heerenplaats, Rotterdam NL
1998 Gallery Heerenplaats, Rotterdam NL
2000 sales exhibition, Kunsthaus Kannen, Münster
2001 CreArt, Kulturfestival, Düsseldorf 2015 Exhibition "Die Sammlung", Kunsthaus Kannen


Since 2018, the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster has presented 15 drawings by Hans-Georg-Kastilan in the collection of contemporary art. With the aid of houses, trees and place descriptions, the artist defines travel stations such as "Groningen", "Park / See" or "Jungle", which in their repetition and juxtaposition take up the theme of movement and borders.




The Kunsthaus Kannen book, Art of the Present - Art Brut and Outsider Art

Publisher Alexianer Münster GmbH in Kerber Verlag, 2016