land Art

ground object made of chestnuts of the tree directly in front of the Kunsthaus

cooperation of the Ludgerusschule Hiltrup and the Kunsthaus Kannen

Already in the third year the cooperation of the city of Münster, the open all-day school of the Ludgerusschule Hiltrup / OGTS and the Kunsthaus Kannen of the Alexianer Münster GmbH exists.

For the successful art project, the employee of the open all-day school Marie Weiper and her eight pupils visit the ateliers of the Kunsthaus Kannen every week. The project is supported by artist Anastasiya Nesterova, who inspires elementary students to try out new techniques.

Incredibly colorful and creative motifs are put on paper and expressed in many different ways. "The peculiarity of this wonderful cooperation is the cooperation with our Outsider Art artists Hans-Günther Harst and Helmut Schrameier", says art director Lisa Inckmann, "Everyone benefits from this, the students and the Alexian residents."