"Teatro Due Mondi" performs Carosello on the Alexianer campus

The group invites all interested to participate. An exact time will be announced.

Directed by Alberto Grilli; Dramaturgy Gigi Bertoni; Performers Federica Belmessieri, Denis Campitelli, Tanja Horstmann, Angela Pezzi, Maria Regosa, Renato Valmori; Musical Director Antonella Talamonti; Costumes and Masks Angela Pezzi, Maria Regosa, Maria Donata Papadia, Loretta Ingannato Photo Stefano Tedioli; Video Andrea Pedna

CAROSELLO features the characters of The Bremen Town Musicians and transforms the traditional fairytale into a new and contemporary story taking place in the streets of European cities.
The musicians of the play are wandering artists almost like street buskers. They settle on the main square of the town, singing songs and collecting money for food. Present in this tuneful company are the four original animals of the fairytale, the donkey, dog, cat and rooster, but there is a goose with their band as well. Last, but not least, a stork joins the group, carrying a bundle with a baby in it, a new-born that has to be delivered to its mother, Madame Europe, a task the whole group of animals agrees to undertake. The baby is black and Madame Europe proves to be a highly symbolic name as the show unfolds. She lives on Hospitality Street, a road which is not easy to find in the old world.

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