Buche, Charlotte Frevel + Fridolin Mestwerdt

Lorenz Behr und Johannes Bauer

WAVELENGTH, Exhibition with students from the Münster Art Academy

Dates: February 16th – March 29th, 2020
Opening: February 16th at 3pm
Students:  Yedam Ann,Lorenz Behr, Merle Borgmann, Charlotte Frevel, Finn Froböse, Michelle Hennig, Chuchum Hsu, Vivienne Ibach, Yuka Kawasaki, Anna Ko, Salie Kufall, Alejandra Medina, Fridolin Mestwerdt, Robin Neumann, Helen Pliete, Jan Prahm Miró, Jana Theml, Chisato Tomokiyo, Daniel Tripp,Peter Maria Volkhardt, Julia Zimowska,

The exhibition opens a creative dialogue between the students and studio artists through a wide variety of media: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and film. 16 students from the University of Fine Arts Münster create artworks engaged with themes concerning the social context of psychiatry. Is there a wavelength connecting art and psychiatry? Are there any criteria in which both are experienced, and if so, where do they come from and who defines them? What kind of interactions and inferences arise? Do they share a correlational or cause-effect relationship? The exhibition invites you to answer these questions.