Alfred Olschewski

Schopfwachtel, Wolfgang Brandl

Wike Klees

21. annual sales exhibition

duration: 14th October 2018 to 27th January 2019

opening: 14th October, 15:00        

introduction: Claudia Bergmann, director stationary living                                                             

action: draw - swap - draw         

reading: author's reading on 2 December, 3 pm


artists of Kunsthaus: Paul Berger, Gerhard Bisping, Wolfgang Brandl, Georg Brinkschulte, Stefan Dürken, Jürgen Essing, Anton Fliss, Hans-Jürgen Fränzer, Manfred Heiden, Herbert Heithausen, Hans Georg Kastilan, Matthias  Klepgen, Wilke Klees, Matthias Klepgen, Helmut Licznierski, Gerd Maron, Klaus Mücke, Alfred Olschewski, Helmut Paus, Gerd Robben, Hubertus Roerkohl, Andreas Rüther, Muammer Savran, Gerd Schippel, Hans Stockhausen, Georg Storm, Falco Tietz, Walter Vieth, Paul Weidemann,..

In the 21st annual and sales exhibition pictures and objects of the artists from the studios of the Kunsthaus will be shown. These are works of artists with psychiatric experience or mental disabilities who live and work at Alexianer.

30 artists will participate, so that about 200 works can be presented and purchased.Thus, a diverse selection of contemporary art is presented: expressionistic-looking, colorful painting, watercolors and drawings, digital collages and objects made of different materials.

Georg Brinkschulte gives his portraits of women and men a particularly expressive effect. Wilke Klees also draws portraits, but in black and white. With its fine and fast drawn line, they vividly capture the impression of fleeting moments. Prints by Hans Stockhausen and Andreas Rüther and others as well as objects made of wood, wire and ceramics will also be shown.

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