Paul Weidemann

Heinrich Büning


Art from our Collection  
Heinrich Büning, Hans-Georg Kastilan, Paul Weidemann


Opening: 8th February, 3 pm
Duration: 8th February bis 31. March 2015
Artists: Heinrich Büning, Hans - Georg Kastilan, Paul Weidemann

„The future is not suddenly, but rather the repetition of what already happened“ (Cicero)


The connection of three very specific artists that are exhibited: Paul Weidemann, Heinrich Büning and Hans- Georg Kastilan is in principle repetition. Every one of them has his individual motives, which appearing in constant repetition.      


H.-G. Kastilan, on whose main focus of the exhibition relies outlines in his works various places on earth. But therefore it is not important if he ever visited physically the city or just went there in his imagination. Besides famous places in Münster Kastilan’s art works also brought them to places like Rome, New York or Tokyo. His typical way of illustrating his thoughts is to reduce everything on its characteristics. This is why the visitor is mostly not in position to differentiate each of his drawings without the title.   
Hans Georg Kastilan was born in Insterburg, Ostpreußen in 1927 and lives at Kannen House since 1951. The dimension of these trips is limited by the number of sheets of paper he has put in front of him in order to document the “route” beforehand. Every sheet of paper shows one station of the journey. What is striking about his works is the repetition. He often chooses the same routes and uses similar signs to represent a city.

Paul Weidemann (born 1932 in Bocholt) Since 1960 he lives in an institution of assisted living at Alexianer.


In his pictures, his favourite motiv is the house. He varies the motiv by handwriting or by putting flowers and trees in front of them. Another series of drawings are little men who are standing next to each other and have bodies out of abstract dots, lines and rectangles. Hardly ever does he colour his works.




Heinrich Büning was born in 1925 in Coesfeld. Together with his parents and four siblings he grew up on a farm in the farming community Brink. The work and the life under the influence of the agriculture have informed him. In the 1990s Büning discovered the creative field of activity in the Kunsthaus. Three times a week he came to the studio and wrote down the today’s date, his signature or his clothes number again and again, using a lead pencil and the form of the Sütterlin script.

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