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Cut, glued, torn… The material paper

Duration: 31st May - 16th September 2015
Opening: Sunday 31st May, 3pm
Greeting: Lisa Inckmann, Leiterin Kunsthaus Kannen

Workshops: Jana Brüggenolte -Paper/ Carton/ Pappmaché
                  Doris Kastner - Cut with a Paintbrush

Closing: 16th September 2015

Film: " PAPIER. Herstellung mit dem Schöpfsieb und auf der Papiermaschine" Westfälisches Freilichtmuseum, Technischer Kulturdenkmale Hagen, Zanders Feinpapiere AG, Bergisch Gladbach 1988.

Paper is one of the most versatile and flexible materials - not only in art .
Paper can be easy , delicate , vulnerable, transparent, but also tough , rough, wild or light-tight. 
Paper Art offers artists almost limitless design possibilities , that they acquire individually for their respective work.

Manifold characteristics of the material paper militate for its use for the creation of an art work not only as a base for paintings or drawings, but as a distinct artistic device. At one hand it is simply available because of mass production, at the other hand its facileness and its flexibility offer an extreme easiness of the handling, which leads to a special versatility of the scopes of designs. The different artists, who share the exhibition with each other, demonstrate very different positions that can develop when one deals with paper in a creative way. Moreover, two integrated workshops are going to happen, in which also interested visitors have the chance to give this material a try.

Artists: Carien Engelhardt, Barbara Hattrup, Nora Hüsemann,  Berni Pfitzner, Lisa Urban, Tanja Weirauch

Carien Engelhard:

Carien Engelhard concentrates herself on the work as a professional artist since 2002. She studied in Amsterdam where she now owns a studio.

For some time past she deals mainly with paper cuts. Often she gets her inspiration from nature for example from moving water, tree roots or shadows, which are casted over the ground by leaves of a waving tree.


Doerthe Fuchs und Frauke Sohn:

Doerthe Fuchs and Frauke Sohn studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. As part of this study they participated in the project “Dich kenn’ ich doch – Begegnungen und künstlerisches Handeln im klinischen Kontext” (I do now you – encounters and artistic acting in a clinic context) on the Alexianer-campus in 2004. In the course of the project the artists discovered the material paper as their perfect medium to continue their impressions there. Different paper cuts were created that capture the shadows of some of the residents.


Barbara Hattrup:

Barbara Hattrup is an artist who lives in Salzkotten. Since 2008 she is freelancing.

Parts of this exhibition are her cast objects made of fiber pulp. These are designing a special three-dimensional mesh structure, which reminds one of microscopic examined plants. The creations are extremely detailed and throughout an organic shift they make a calming, weightless impression.


Nora Hüsemann:

Nora Hüsemeyer was born in 1982 in Osterkappeln. Since 2011 she is artistically active in the “Kunstcontainer” (Art-Conainer) of the Heilpädagogische Hilfe Osnabrück.

After varied projects she set her sight on recreating the circular stairs of her parental home on a scale of 1:10. Primarily anxious for the form of the work Nora Hüsemeyer is trying to manage it that the replica is as true to the original as possible. At several attempts she works with different cardboards, which vary in their thickness and sturdiness.


Bernhard Pfitzener

Bernhard Pfitzner was born in 1952 in Dortmund. Since 1970 he lives in a residential group of the Alexianers.

He deals for some time past with the creation of paper collages. In waste paper baskets he discovers convenient envelopes, which he firstly folds or rips und then puts together again with glue. Characteristic for his collages is the outline of a surface structure by affixing red cello tapes.


Lisa Urban

Lisa Urban lives in Hamburg, where she is a member of the artist group “dieMaler”.

The artist uses manifold techniques. This exhibition shows her paper cuts. These are presenting portraits, which are integrated in an abstract background. Both levels, foreground and background of the black-and-white-kept works interlock and cohere.


Tanja Weirauch

Tanja weirauch was born 1981 in Munich. In course of her study at the Academy of Fine Arts there she participated in the art project “Alles bleibt anders” (Everything stays different) of the Alexianer Hospital Muenster. Beside her accompanying work with a several patients she also produced a series of scarified drawings on paper, which were inspirited by her impressions and encounters on the Campus.