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Period: 11th May – 28th September 2014
Opening: Sunday, 11th May, 3pm
Title: Always doing the same things - Repetition in ceramic objects
Greeting: Lisa Inckmann, Head of Kunsthaus Kannen
Introduction: Dr. Martin Henatsch,
                       Head of the Gerisch-Stiftung
Artists: Paul Berger, Münster, Germany
             Helmut Licznierski, Münster, Germany
             Francisca Norris, Amsterdam, Netherlands
             Leo de Ruyter, Eemnes, Netherlands
             Karin Nordkamp, Losser, Netherlands
             PascalTassini, Liège, Belgium
Workshops: Ursula Commandeur, Castrop-Rauxel,25.5.2014
                     Stephanie Link, Coppengrave,10./11.07.2014
                     Danijela Pivaševic, Neumünster,17.08.2014

“The Definition of madness is, always doing the same things by expecting something different.” – Albert Einstein

The exhibition that deals with the great diversity of ceramic shall create a dialogue between artists. Plastic objects from Kunsthaus Kannen meet international art from the Netherlands and Belgium. There will be abstract and figurative works been presented to our visitors. A matter of particular interest is repetition by abstract ceramic works. Repetition in this case means to use always the same motive. For the artist does that often mean to locate himself in his environment. The mostly identical objects represent some kind of constancy, safety and habit felt by the artist who always does the same. Harmony und rhythm are also important terms in context with repetitive art in ceramic. The numerous emerging objects arise from  the immense creative urge from the artists.

Workshops with several artists attend the exhibition. The workshops should show the visitors how it works to do something creative with clay.