Literature circle "Lichtblicke" (Bright spots)

Patience is bitter, the fruit is sweet.

I practice in beeing patient with my fellow men. (Listening).

Waiting paitently for the sleep. Rita Hamer 

Since January 2002 the writing-group "Literature circle Lichtblicke" exists at Kunsthaus Kannen and was named by the participants themselves. In unison they understand the writing as a ray of hope during their week.

It all began with a reading-group, in which short stories, fairytails, extracts of novels etc. were read and discussed afterwards. From working with the text arose the desire to develop own writing sources. Since then they meet regulary once a week for writing, reading and listening in company with the poesy pedagogue Brigitte Thie.

As a preface some practices in the field of creative writing helped: they formed lines of loose words and sentences, mixed them up as well as photo's and objects provided an inspiration. In a playful way they created new connections which quickened the imagination. An unexpected diversity of funny, melancholic, describing, longing and questioning texts was developed. Often the participants were amazed by their own stories and with pleausure they presented them to the group. Both presenting own texts and beeing caught off guard by the stories of the others was a pleasent and enriching experience. Single subjects were consolidated to scoop from own biographical experiences. Then they tackled e.g. subjects like "time" as well as personal contents like "family" or "childhood memories". In the meantime the participants collected so many experiences that short keywords are enogh to release ideas of writing. Often very intimate and moving textes were created, which evoke special attention in the familiar group.

Writing is experienced as a method of finding contact to long lost things and to integrate them as a part of the own life story. The individuality of the personal writing-style is considered and supported by the group. The participants attach great value to the weekly meeting and are always looking forward to this weekly ray of hope.

Contact to the group: Brigitte Thie, poesy-pedagogue