form, colour, form

In everyday life we try to design things so as to make their substance, their meaning and function directly visible. This pattern, one could also say this logic, is what artists are trying to breach. Since in art it is possible...more

2x2 forum for Outsider Art 2017

This September artists, art scholars and historians, gallerists, curators, psychiatrists, therapists and those who are interested in art will get together at Kunsthaus Kannen to engage in an artistic dialogue and exchange of...more

[Translate to Englisch:] Kultur und Schule

[Translate to Englisch:] In diesem Kreativprojekt sollen die Kinder lernen die Welt mit anderen Augen zu sehen, sie werden sensibilisiert und erfahren, dass die Kreativität nicht aus dem Blatt Papier sondern schon im Alltag...more

An art poject for memorial place Waldniel/Mönchengladbach

The team struber_gruber from Vienna are introducing their art project and model. Memory develops between people who life here and now. That is the approach of our artistic concept for the Waldniel memorial for the victims of...more