ANONYME ZEICHNER ARCHIV at the Kunsthaus Kannen

10 February 2019 to 19 May 2019: How does one's own opinion on the picture change if one knows nothing about the authors and their origins? How does the value develop when prices are consistent? Where is the border between art...more

21. annual sales exhibition

In the 21st annual and sales exhibition pictures and objects of the artists from the studios of the Kunsthaus will be shown. These are works of artists with psychiatric experience or mental disabilities who live and work at...more

Desk Pad 2019

Desk Pad 2019 Desk Pad with calenderof 2019. At the center of 2019 are individual paintings of various insects. The following artists contributed their pictures: Wolfgang Brandl, Stephan Dürken, Jürgen Essing, Michael Gude,...more