"Gedichte und Malereien von Wolfgang Brandl" (poems and paintings of Wolfgang Brandl)

poems and paintings of Wolfgang Brandl A beautiful Leporello with a selection of special drawings and poems by Wolfgang Brandl is now available at the Kunsthaus for 14.00 euros. The small booklet contains a variety of animal...more

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the little artists are back

cooperation of the Ludgerusschule Hiltrup and the Kunsthaus Kannen Already in the third year the cooperation of the city of Münster, the open all-day school of the Ludgerusschule Hiltrup / OGTS and the Kunsthaus Kannen of the...more

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21. annual sales exhibition

In the 21st annual and sales exhibition pictures and objects of the artists from the studios of the Kunsthaus will be shown. These are works of artists with psychiatric experience or mental disabilities who live and work at...more

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Texture, tissue, traces

Abstract drawings and textile pictures The exhibition presents works by artists who perceive drawing as a texture, as an aesthetic fabric and relational structure made up of lines or threads, very different in their layout,...more

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Tell me Dario!

At the awarding of the European label "TELL ME DARIO!" The Kunsthaus Kannen won a special prize at the beginning of June. In Bologna, Italy, the prize was awarded to European organizations that use their facilities to...more

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2x2 forum for Outsider Art 2017

This September artists, art scholars and historians, gallerists, curators, psychiatrists, therapists and those who are interested in art will get together at Kunsthaus Kannen to engage in an artistic dialogue and exchange of...more

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form, colour, form

In everyday life we try to design things so as to make their substance, their meaning and function directly visible. This pattern, one could also say this logic, is what artists are trying to breach. Since in art it is possible...more

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