Klaus Mücke - Frau Blume

Klaus Mücke

Klaus Mücke - Frau Blume

Helmut Licznierski

Helmut Licznierski - Towers outside of Kunsthaus


Wolfgang Brandl

Wolfgang Brandl

Paul Berger

Paul Berger - Figures

When the motive is stuck in your head...

Sequence and rhythm in picture and ceramics

June 04 – September 24, 2023
Opening: Sunday June 11, 2023, 3 p.m.
Welcome: Lisa Inckmann, director of the Kunsthaus
Introduction: Joseph Lange, student of art history
Curation: Lisa Inckmann, Joseph Lange, Meike Detert, Pauline Pantel

In everyday life, we constantly get in touch with repetition. Repetition can give you a structure in life but also can be quiet monotonous. However, repetition also offers possibilities so you can train and get better.

The exhibition “When the motive is stuck in your head...” presents artists from the Kunsthaus Kannen, which are characterized by these repetitions. The motifs are constantly included in their different artworks. That is why their art is unique. The exhibition focuses on the different ways that motifs and creative processes are repeated in the art.

Nevertheless, how similar or different can repetitions be?

All of the artists have their own rhythm and even if the motif does not change, every piece of art is unique. Their work routine stays the same but the colours, proportions and animals make every artwork different.

Since Paul Berger started working with art, the motif of the house is always part of his artwork. With the dynamic use of wax crayons, he creates different colourful houses. All of them have different sizes, details and colours. Moreover, the view of the huge amount of clay figures, that he created, is spectacular too. 

The artist Wolfgang Brandl likes to experiment in his art with different animals. Although the motif of these animals is repeated again and again, the artist brings variations to his works by depicting various kinds of animals. Moreover, he represents the diversity of the different fish and birds with his art.

Meanwhile, the motif “Frau Blume” is the hallmark of Klaus Mücke. He always starts to paint a new “Frau Blume” with his circle movements, right after he finished one.  Every time, a new “Frau Blume” is created, it is always a little bit different.

Helmut Licznierski uses clay to build high towers. Each tower is different and unique because of his height, width, its bending, and curvature. The various clay layers create flowing or sometimes straight transitions. Even if it is the same working process to put clay strands on clay strands, every tower is special.

The summer exhibition of the Kunsthaus Kannen includes these four artist and their repetitive motifs. Even if the motifs are repeating, the pieces of art are still unique.

In the exhibition's film room you can take a closer look at the working methods of the artists. On the four screens you can watch the artists at work and thus at repetition. For this purpose, every artist had himself filmed from a bird's eye view while creating. The work processes, each of which can be seen on a screen, are played out in ceaseless repetition.

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