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[Translate to Englisch:] Secret Letters

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Imprisoned Secrets

Art in the social Context

Length: 14th February - 1st May 2016
Opening: Sunday 14th February, 15h
Welcoming: Prof. Dr. Dieter Seifert, Doctor of Christophorus Klinik and Lisa Inckmann, Leitung Kunsthaus Kannen
Rap, MC Ruz
Artist: Cony Theis, Köln

Catalog: Gefangene Geheimnisse, Kerber Verlag, Preis 30,-€
Film: Secret Service - Ende der Imaginären II;
Film von Jürgen Heiter und Cony Theis

:Forensik Forum im Kunsthaus Kannen am 17.03.16, 19Uhr


The exhibition represents the project of four arts project from Cony Theis “Imprisoned Secrets.”

The artistic works of Cony Theis originated in the social context and pretend with it to customs men and points of contact at the same time. Their beginning and the pieces of art originating from it of the project phases are shown in the art house “Kannen”. From the land sheep association of Rhineland initiated long time project  “Imprisoned Secrets” was carried out in four forensic psychiatry in NRW as a slide-logical process with patients and female patients. In July, 2015 the art project “pair and unpaired” in the Christophorus clinic by Alexianer in Münster. 

The artist paints him and he paints them, both side by side. Stroke of brush and water bring the color of the paper and sometimes there are uncontrolled moments. The results are technical perfect and at the same time faulty. Nine pairs, in each case woman and man, which look direct at the observer.

Cony Theis:
Cony Theis studied from 1979 until 1989 in Mainz and Düsseldorf and was the best student at the art college Düsseldorf. She works since 1998 by films from Jürgen Heiter. She has lots of exhibition in total Germany and also in Israel. Cony Theis is professor for fine art on the college for art in social in Ottersberg.