Art as meditation - Jannemiek Tukker

A film made by Catharina Runge

2x2 Forum 2015

1st to 4th October 2015 - Filmwerkstatt Münster

2x2 Forum 2015 Kunsthaus Kannen

2x2 Forum 2013 - film by project ability from Glasgow

Video Documentation of the 2x2 Forum 2013 by Participants from Glasgow

The Shortfilm by the participant Studio Project Ability from Glasgow shows an insight on the art fair 2x2 forum 2013 in Kunsthaus Kannen, Münster. Interviews with artists, exhibitors and the director of this art fair and Kunsthaus Kannen Lisa Inckmann are included.

Project Ability
103 Trongate
G1 5HD


Trailer of the documentation "2x2 forum for outsider art"

2x2 Forum for Outsider Art

October 2011 took the international art fair ‘2x2 Forum for Outsider Art’ for the second time place in the Kunsthaus Kannen. The Trailer shows captured atmosphere of the art fair. The complete film, 20min, enclosed with the book `2x2 Forum - Documentation` will be available at May 2012 in the Kunsthaus Kannen Shop or per order.

Film as the Trailer are made by Christian Peters, the Filmwerkstatt Münster

Kunsthaus Kannen Trailer

by Tobias Weil

The museum, which includes gallery, studios, archive, reference library and a museum shop.

The Kunsthaus Kannen is known for the annual selling exhibition, the art fair ‘2x2 Forum for Outsider Art’ and dialogical exhibitions between outsider artists and contemporary artists . Also represented are the artist working in the studios and forming the collection of the Kunsthaus. d in der Sammlung vertreten sind.

Animated Film

While the sculpture project of Münster took place the Kunsthaus Kannen worked together with „nicky-bilder“ and the Filmwerkstatt Münster on an animation film.  In emotional and mental relation with their art works the artists are presented in a humorous, artistic way.

Inspired by the art Nikolaus Hillebrand developed animated pictures, in which the art works gain momentum as light as straw.  Dealing with given conditions and objects on a subtle and humoristic manner.

The formation of the animated film was documented by Ulrike Behnen. She succeeded in making close portraits from the participated artists without being persistent. 

The project was sponsored by the Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Münster.


„Bewegte Skulpturen“ 



Nikolaus Hillebrand
niky-film, Köln
Ulrike Behnen
Filmwerkstatt, Münster