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24th annual and sales exhibition


Duration: October 30th, 2022 to January 29th, 2023



The 24th annual and sales exhibition shows around 200 current pictures and objects by over 30 Outsider Art artists. These are works by artists with psychiatric experience or a mental disability. This year again, works by artists from the living area of ​​the Alexianer Münster as well as by external artists with psychiatric experience are represented.

Visitors can expect a varied and fascinating exhibition with representatives of numerous styles.

The diverse selection of contemporary art shows surreal, colorful paintings, a variety of watercolors and drawings as well as objects made of different materials complement the multifaceted collection.

So you can lose yourself in the fantastic worlds that Stefan Tiersch meticulously create. He draws and paints dense structures with thin lines, in which one can repeatedly discover fairytale plants, animals and mythical creatures. Lisa Urban is once again represented in the exhibition, captivating with her graphically impressive monkey figures. But also abstract artists like Alfred Olschewski are represented. Olschewski's works are color fields that develop an unexpected impact through the artist's skilful, structured combination and captivate the viewer.



Guest artists: Johannes Bayer, Patricia Bragado, Berthold Brockmann, Armin Hummel, Steffen Hugo, Ingeborg Jung, Karsten Kirschke, Robert Linke, Markus Meurer, Sebastian Möllers, Birgit Nattkemper, Klaus Therling, Stefan Tiersch, Lisa Urban, Anja Volle, Sylvia Warthorst, Gabriele Winkler, Monika Wonnemann


From the Kunsthaus: Paul Berger, Wolfgang Brandl, Stefan Dürken, Jürgen Essing, Michael Gude, Hans-Günther Harst, Wilke Klees, Helmut Licznierski, Klaus Mücke, Alfred Olschewski, Helmut Paus, Stephan Reimer, Franziska Röckmann, Hubertus Roerkohl, Muammer Savran , Gerd Schippel, Hans Stockhausen, Walter Vieth…


The artists' paintings and objects are available for purchase.




Photo Gallery



The desk pad with calendar for the year 2023 is here and can be purchased for €10.00. The focus for this year is on individual pictures of boats.

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