Franziska Röckmann

Liliana Shipgalter

Ulrike Hoyer

Alfred Olschewski and Stefan Reimer

Ingeborg Jung

Michael Globisch

Stefan Tiersch

Nicole Szlachetka

25. Annual and Sales Exhibition 2023

October 22, 2023 – January 28, 2024
Opening: Sunday October 22, 3 p.m

The 25th annual and sales exhibition shows over 200 current pictures and objects by around 30 “Outsider Art” artists. The much-discussed and broad term “outsider art” brings together representatives of numerous artistic styles, including people who identify within the spectrum of neurodiversity or have psychiatric experience. Visitors can expect a diverse selection of contemporary art: expressionistic-looking, colored paintings, watercolors and drawings, ceramics and objects made from different materials. In addition to the artists' pictures and objects from the Kunsthaus's studios, works by guest artists and young talents are exhibited. 

Guest artists: Robert Linke, Karsten Kirschke, Sylva Klein, Michael Globisch, Sebastian Möllers, Lisa Urban, Stefan Tiersch, Bastian Möllers, Roland Auerswald, Anja Volle, Mark Weber, Bärbel Lange, Arpad Csom, Peter Bozoki, Gabor Ritter, Maria Balassa, Ingeborg Jung, Markus Meurer, Hans Janke Museum

From the Kunsthaus: Stephan Dürken, Jürgen Essing, Hans-Günter Harst, Wilke Klees, Helmut Licznierski, Klaus Mücke, Alfred Olschewski, Helmut Paus, Franziska Röckmann, Gerd Schippel, Johannes Bayer, Liliana Shpigalter, Nicole Szlachetka, Muammer Savran, Walter Vieth, Doris Maria Barros Parada, Paul Berger, Stefan Reimer, Ulrike Hoyer

The artists’ pictures and objects are available for purchase.