Yeri Kang und Hansol Kang

Gudula Eimann

Julian Schomaeker

Exhibition Room

Paula Göb und Hansol Kang

Wavelength 2024

Opening: Sunday February 11, 2024, 3 p.m
February 11 – April 7, 2024

The exhibition conveys the creative dialogue with psychiatric situations using a wide variety of media – painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and film. Students at the Münster Art Academy deal with the social context of psychiatry. The question is whether there is a wavelength between art and psychiatry. The exhibition invites you to explore these questions.

Students: Hansol Kang, Hojeong Han, Julian Schomäker, Niklas Heinen, Paula Göb, Yeri Kang

Participants: Antje Henrichmann, Christian Brockhoff, Christian Hömann, Christine Kamender, Frank Schindler, Gudula Eimann, Manuel B., Marike Wewer, Monika Dieckmann, René Grewe, Roland Scholle, Sandra Mindt

Kunstakademie Münster

Inforfyer (PDF)