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22nd Annual Exhibition and Sale 2019

October 20th, 2019 – January 27th, 2020

Guest Artist: Abudi Aldelemie, Carlos Javier Garcia Huergo, Marc Czyzewski, Marina Dohlen, Simone Droll, Grischan,  Peter Henning, Armin Hummel, Ingeborg Jung, Karsten Kirschke, Olaf Stephan Kröber, Robert Linke, Markus Meurer, Birgit Nattkemper, Silke-Maria Pohlkötter, Sven Redlich, Anne Sewanian, Mark Stevens, Gabriele Winkler, Belhe Zaimoglu,  Esperanza Conde Rodriguez, Andreas Stejskal


Artist of the Art-House: Johannes Bayer, Paul Berger, Wolfgang Brandl, Johannes Bayer, Georg Brinkschulte, Stephan Dürken, Jürgen Essing, Hans-Jürgen Fränzer, Michael Gude, Hans-Günther Harst, Wilke Klees, Helmut Licznierski, Hermann König, Gerd Maron, Klaus Mücke, Alfred Olschewski, HansWerner Padberg, Berni Pfitzner, Stefan Reimer, Hubertus Roerkohl, Roger Röggener, Muammer Savran, Gerd Schippel, Nicole Szlachetka, Falko Tietz, August Vibert, Walter Vieth, Pia-Maria Dann, Celie Lydia


Kunsthaus Kannen presents its annual exhibition and sale for the 22nd time from October 2019 through January 2020. Since 1996, artworks made within the past year by residential artists in our atelier and by international guest-artists within the realm of Outsider Art are showcased in our large exhibition space and for sale. As part of Kunsthaus Kannen’s mission to seek and support talented, emerging artists from around the world, Kunsthaus Kannen had an open call for submissions, to give these artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and reach a broader public. This year we are proud to present over 250 artworks by 50 different artists, of which 20 external artists come from as far as Australia and Cuba. 

The exhibition is prepared by young students and interns, who not only begin to gather practical experience in exhibition planning and development, but also contribute to new and exciting ideas on curation. Visitors can look forward to seeing a vast array of contemporary art, Outsider Art, Art Brut and alternative art forms. You can explore the expressionistic, colorful portraits by Georg Brinkschulte, one of which became the face of the exhibition. A major theme in this year’s exhibition is animals, which can be seen in Wolfgang Brandl’s watercolors and Michael Gude’s prints. Color is celebrated through the artworks by Hermann König, Paul Berger, Alfred Olschewski, Grischan and Sven Redlich. Many drawings display a confident use of line, to include those by Gabriele Winkler and Stefan Reimer. In addition, there are many fascinating sculptures made out of wood, metal, and clay, such as ceramic heads by Nicole Szlachetka and the wire insects by Markus Meurer. It is especially exciting for us to present Mark Steven’s paintings from Australia and experimental work from Art Burt Project Cuba.

Like every year, all the artworks are on sale and directly support the artists. You can learn more about the prices and other purchasable items in the Museum Shop.