Markus Meurer, Rettung in letzter Sekunde

Nicole Szlachetka

23rd annual and sales Exhibition

Lilianna Shpigalter

23rd annual and sales exhibition


October 17th 2021 - January 30th 2022



The 23rd annual and sales exhibition opened on October 17th, in which pictures and objekts by artists from the atelier of the Kunsthaus, guest artists and up-and-coming talents are presented.

The exhibition shows a wide range of artists working in different ways and their very own styles.

Immediately in the entrance, one encounters chubby, yellow faces that all represent a different emotion. You will be amazed to find that these are the well-known emojis that the artist Nicole Szlachetka has brought from there digital world into our physical one in a creative way.

Markus Meurer carries us of, with his ingenious wire figures, into a dystopian world dominated by ghostly motorcyclists and monstrous insects.

Right next to it, Jürgen Essing draws dense city and forest landscapes in which, hidden, extraterrestrial beautiful-looking female figures are hidden.

Abstract works also catch the eye with their strong colors and dominant shapes in the main room of the exhibition.

A total of 30 artists take part and around 200 works of art are presented, which can also be purchased.



You can also find a film about Nicole Szlachetka by art student Petra Bresser on the Kunsthaus Kannen website as well as in the exhibition. The artist focus are the implementation of proverbs such as "Not all cups in the cupboard" into clay figures. In the film, you can see her at work while she talks about her working method.


On the occasion of the Festival of Democracy this October, an author reading will take place on December 6th. The artists Wolfgang Brandl, Andreas Rüther and the actress Gabriele Brüning took part in the festival as the group called “The Democrats”. Their contribution, which consisted of poems and texts on the subject of democracy, will be presented again on December 6th at 3:00 p.m. in the Kunsthaus.



Artists from Kunsthaus Kannen:

Johannes Bayer, Paul Berger, Wolfgang Brandl, Antje Bünte, Stephan Dürken, Jürgen Essing, Hans-Günther Harst, Herbert Heithausen, Ulrike Hoyer, Wilke Klees, Hermann König, Helmut Liczniersky, Klaus Mücke, Alfred Olschewski, Helmut Paus, Stephan Reimer, Hubertus Roerkohl, Muammer Savran, Gert Schippel, Lilianna Shpigalter, Nicole Szlachetka, Walter Vieth, Katharina Vornhagen,





Armin Hummel, Ingeborg Jung, Verena Krömker, Julia Lechthape, Werner- Otto Lexa, Franz-Josef Limper, Thomas Merkel, Markus Meurer, Bastian Nowak, Nadja Oerter, Dorothee Rehkämper-Bach, Ella Schmidt, Katharina Vornhagen,





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