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„A line per Day"
Drawings and Art Brut

Duration :   June 3 - August 26 2012
Opening:    Sunday, June 3 2012. 3.00 p.m
Welcome:   Lisa Inckmann, Kunsthaus Kannen
Introduction: Dr. Gisela Steinlechner, cultural journalist / Wien

Initiative: Wind Drawing - July 22 3.00pm to 4.00pm 
               Martina Muck

Cooperation:    Galerie Werner Klein / Köln,
                      Galerie Christian Berst / Paris, 
                      akku initiative e. V. / Hamburg

We present abstract and figural drawings of twelve outsider artist together with five contemporary artists in the exhibition ' A line  per Day' Drawings and Art Brut in the Kunsthaus Kannen. 

"Every line has the possibility of deviation, breaking and overwriting. Essential for drawings is also what has not been drawn; the undefined, what was left out, the page margin, not only the idea but that which has happened by accident. Characteristic for drawn lines is their ability to abstract and reformulate what we perceive as the inner and outer reality. Where drawing exists there is always a play of transmission: from the eye to the brain, from the hand and to the pen, from an emotion to the motor skills, from intuition to abstraction – and vice-versa. The pen, which starts a line from the blank, may start the process.  This first contact has an impact on the initial sight which is in turn followed by abstraction and narration. Similarly with translation from one language into another, decisions are made (on a conscious and unconscious level).  Every decision and its execution changes the work in progress once again, creating new relations and a different dynamic. Perhaps the quality of the drawing can be appreciated against the way in which the process-oriented nature of the creative act is kept present and open, be it as a reflexive trace, as a tension-laden irritation or merely as a quiet undertone, barely noticeably changing the perception of the beholder." Dr. Gisela Steinlechner

Adolf Beutler / Dominique Doyen / Ingo Eisvogel / Matthias Elsen / Josef König / Heinrich Küpper / Robert Linke / Dan Miller / Martina Muck / Ronald Noorman / Dorothee Rocke / Willi Schauland / Richard Schwaab / Maya Schweizer / Heinz Unger / Ingolf Wabnik / Erwin Winter

Drawings of pencil, coal or china ink are the thematic priority of the exhibition. The papers show us with light and strong lines a net of thoughts. The introduction is going to be held by cultural journalist Dr. Gisela Steinlchner. More over a gorgeous initiative with wind drawings going to be a happening on July 22 2012.

 Please visit our gallery to get an overview about the exhibited art works.