View Shifting

Sonntag, 19. April, 15 Uhr
Artist: Gerhild Rehorst, Fotografien zu der Keramikskulptur „Kreative Köpfe“ im Park.

Duration: 19. April – 5. Juli 2015


As part of the clay exhibition „Always doing the same things - Repetition in ceramic objects“
patients, workers and visitors were invited to form individual heads with clay. The title creative heads can visual all the possibilities of the material clay. The heads that had been formed are still shown outside the Kunsthaus Kannen as an outdoor installation. The objects are fixed on compact tree branches. 

Gerhild Rehorst / Münster is an amateur photographer. For months she went several times on the park space in front of the Kunsthaus Kannen to take pictures from the different heads. The heads had by then achieved different stages of weather effects.   The photos reflect the photographers’ involvement with perspective, variation and proportion of the objects. You can find in the Kunsthaus Kannen shop the catalogue of her pictures and some postcards.


24 photographs are shown in the foyer. Comparing directly the objects with the photographs are opening new impulse and shifts the view.  


Catalog 16,-€
Postcards 1,-€