The works of art students and the works of artists of the Kunsthaus Kannen present their works in one artistic dialogue.

Opening :21 January 2007, 3 p.m.
Time:21.01.2007 – 11.03.2007
Place :Kunsthaus Kannen

In a common project there is an artistic meeting between the artist of the Kunsthaus Kannen and students of the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster. Students from the fine art were animated to refer to the artist of the Kunsthaus Kannen. Between the different partners can be used all mediums: drawing, painting, photography as well as installations.

In this exhibition are presented the works of the artistic partners in an exciting way. The exhibits relate with each other. It will be shown new perspectives as well as diversified correspondences between the exhibits. The nine positions are interactive; they lose or cross with each other.

In collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster and the Kunsthaus Kannen. 
(Project management: Lisa Inckmann)

Art students + Haus Kannen – artist:

  • Katja Kottmann + Heinz Unger
  • Ines Spenthof + Werner Streppel
  • Markus Mengeler + Hermann König
  • Michael Peltzer + Hans Jürgen Fränzer
  • Bahri Kim + Josef König
  • Christoph Joachim + Georg Brinkschulte
  • Janine Tobüren + Paul Weidemann
  • Ji-hoon Ha + Friedrich Wilhelm Koch
  • Chung Ki Park + Hermann König

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