2x2 Forum 2019


KreativWerk Höfingen

Art Brut Project Cuba

Living Museum, Bennebrook, Niederlande

Samuel Riera, Lisa Inckmann, and Derbis Campos

Kunsthaus Kannen team

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2x2 Forum for Outsider Art 2019


October 3rd-6th, 2019


Art Fair/ Lectures/ Discussion/ Performances


From October 3rd - 6th, 2019, Kunsthaus Kannen will host the 2x2 Forum for Outsider Art for the sixth time. As in previous occasions, the biennial forum will provide a platform for exchanging ideas around Outsider Art, Art Brut and contemporary art. Many different galleries, studios, artists and project from the fields of art, social affairs and psychiatry will have the chance to meet, network, and build new and deeper partnerships in an engaging, inclusive atmosphere. Regular attendees, such as KreativWerk Höfingen from Baden-Württemberg and Kunstverein Zinnober from Magdeburg, will get the chance to meet first-time participants, to include the Living Museum from Bennebroek and RAWART from South Korea. Well-known Outsider Artist Markus Meurer will also be attending the forum again. The Forum will open on Thursday, accompanied by musician Silke Büscherhoff on the Marimba.


On Friday and Saturday morning, lectures will be held at the conference room inside the Hotel am Wasserturm. Carine Fol, art director of the Centrale for Contemporary Art in Brussels, and Markus Landert, director of Thurgau Museum of Art, will discuss how they handle the shift of displaying Outsider Art and »established« contemporary art in their curatorial practice. Afterwards, there will be an open Q&A session.


Artists Samuel Riera and Derbis Campos from Cuba and Jihye Lee from South Korea will be speaking about the standpoint of Outsider Art in their native countries. Based on a historical and sociopolitical framework, these countries have very different views about Outsider Art in comparison to Germany and Europe. The speakers will give insight about developing their respective projects Art Brut Project Cuba and RAWART.


On Sunday, theater educator Ingo Rohrbacher will present his scenic reading “die nerven” (the nerves). Rohrbacher developed this humorous performance after spending time in the Roncalli House Cafe in December 2018, where he recorded everyday conversations with visitors. On all four days of the art fair, visitors are invited to join the two hands-on activities “tape it & tie it”, led by students of the Catholic University of Freiburg. 


The 2x2 Forum for Outsider Art is being realized with funds from the Alexianer Münster GmbH, the "Aktion Mensch" and the culture office of Münster.


2x2 Forum Exhibitors


Atelier Markus Meurer / Kevelaer, DE

Atelier Ortswechsel / München, DE

Atelier PIX / Greifswald, DE

Art Brut Project Cuba / Havana, Cuba

Bürgerspital, Textil- und Kreativwerkstatt / Basel, CH

Malwerkstatt Lebenshilfe / Bad Dürkheim, DE

KreativWerk Höfingen / Leonberg, DE

Kunstcentrum Kijkoor / Eemnes, NL

Kunsthaus Rickling / Rickling, DE

Kunsthaus KAT18 / Cologne, DE

Kunsthuis Yellow Art / Geel, BE

Kunstverein Zinnober / Magdeburg, DE

Künstlerhaus Lydda / Bielefeld, DE

Living Museum / Bennebroek, NL

RAWART / Gunpo-si, Korea

Winterwerkstatt / Schwalmstadt, DE

Kath. Hochschule Freiburg, Kunsttherapie in der Heilpädagogik  / Freiburg, DE

Kath. Hochschule Freiburg, Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung Kunsttherapie / Freiburg, DE

Kunstraum / Nürnberg,DE


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Film of the 2x2 Forum

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