2x2 Forum for European Outsider Art

A European Platform in Münster, Germany for Art Studios, Galleries, Museums and Art Projects

06th – 09th of OCTOBER 2011  

Art Fair / Lectures / Workshop


Opening: Thursday, October 6th at Kunsthaus Kannen

Art fair: Thursday till Sunday from 11 – 17h

Lectures: Friday, October 7th from 9 - 16 h

'2x2' is the title as well as the concept behind this forum. Between the 6th-9th October, 22 studios, projects and galleries from around Europe will gather at the Kunsthaus Kannen in order to display and sell their work and discuss the topic further. Each participating group is provided with an area of 2x2m on an art fair in which to present their line of work. This will take place in the gallery space of the Kunsthaus.

Participating Exhibitors:

Academy of the Fine Arts, Munich/ Germany
Atelier d'art, Pierrefeu du Var/ France
Atelier de la Tour, Treffen/ Austria
Atelier Durchblick, Leipzig/ Germany
Atelier Pix, Greifswald/ Germany
Creahm, Liege/ Belgium
Debajo del Sombrero, Madrid/ Spain
Fabrika Fabijana Association, Radovljica/ Slovenia
Galerie Atelier De Kaai, Goes/Netherlands
Galerie Tak, Posen/ Poland
KCAT Art and Study Centre, Co. Kilkenny/ Ireland
Kreative Werkstatt Lobetal, Berlin/Germany
Kunstcontainer, Osnabrück/ Germany
Kunst Praxis Soest e.V., Soest/ Germany
Kunstwerkstatt Waldau, Bern/ Switzerland
Madmusee, Liege/ Belgium
Misericordia e.V., Lublin/ Poland
Outsider Art Gallery, Amsterdam/ Netherlands
P28, art project, Lisbon/ Portugal
Ruhratelier, Waltrop/ Germany
Sor-Troms Museum, Harstad/ Norway
Tart Kapu Galeria, Budapest/ Hungary 

'2x2' also signifies an inherent concept in Outsider Art, which is reflected in the co-opertaion between the artists and their promoters. The nature of Outsider Art is such that it often requires the assistance of a second party, a facilitator who works to make the art known and displayed. These supporters, sponsors and agents will present themsleves, their ideas, projects and collaboration with artists at the Kunsthaus Kannen. Both new and old faces will be present.

 This year's Forum will focus on the question:

 If there is still a distinction between Contemporary Art and Outsider Art, where does it begin?

 The 2x2 Forum provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences on this topic. There will be lectures, panel discussions and open debates by exhibitors, art dealers and art historians. An art fair for the exhibitors will take place as well as critical discussion groups.

 The 2x2 Forum for Outsider Art offers the public an opportunity to gain insight into the developments around Outsider Art which have taken place throughout Europe. After a successful first launch in 2009, the Kunsthaus Kannen will once again be host to this exhibition of drawings, paintings, videos, sculptures and installations from around the continent. There will also be a theatre performance be Münster's theatrical group 'Sycorax' as well as creativity workshops in which anyone is free to partake. Through these diverse activities, the Kunsthaus Kannen hopes to inform a broader audience about diverse influences and motivations feeding into Outsider Art and Art Brut, as well as to leave behind a positive legacy in this field. We anticipate fruitful discussions and a lively atmosphere which will set an impetus for similar future gatherings.

Contributors of the EU-project: 

  • Union for Rural Culture and Education, Helsinki, Findland
  • Kunsthaus Kannen, Münster, Germany
  • Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent, Belgium
  • Gaia Museum, Randers, Denmark


  • EU Kulturstiftung
  • Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport in North Rhine Westphalia
  • Alexianer Münster GmbH

In Co-operation with:

  • Stadtmarketing Münster
  • Filmwerkstatt Münster
  • Photographer Ralf Emmerich

Musical interlude with the "Alexian Jazz Crusaders"

Photo Gallery

Film of the 2x2 Forum