2x2 Forum for Outsider Art
03. till 06. of October 2013

Lectures, Discussions and Workshops

In October 2013 artists, art lovers, gallerists and curators are coming together in Kunsthaus Kannen for dialog and exchange of ideas. The different lectures will examine artworks and the development of Outsider Art in Europe.

2x2 is both title and concept of the artfair: 22 european art projects, studios, galleries, universities and museums come together at Kunsthaus Kannen in Munster, showing their concepts and are ready for questions, suggestions and discussions. An area of 2x2 meters is going to be available for the presentation of ervery exhibitor. The exhibition-hall of Kunsthaus Kannen will be compact but diverse, limited but individual filled.

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Sponsored by  North Rhine Westphalia and the City of Münster