Opening speech with curator Stephanie Trujillo

Robert Burda with his artworks

the exhibition's visitor engagement project

Visitors look at the artworks by Laura Jo Pierce

Where am I?


Dates:  July 5th – October 4th, 2020

Artists: Robert Burda, Heinrich Büning, Hans-Georg Kastilan, Hermann König & Fritz Tobergte

Guest-Artists: Daniel Green, John Patrick McKenzie &  James Montgomery (Creativity Explored, California, USA) and Laura Jo Pierce (Creative Growth Art Center, California, USA)

What is visible and what is perceived? Where am I? In order to feel a sense of orientation, people often require a fixed point of navigation. Places can also be charged with meaning: they can seem familiar or strange, they can be narrow or wide, and they can point outwards or open inwards. Through the use of text as an aesthetic element and a pictorial medium, the artists document their everyday experiences and establish a relationship between person, place, and the present. The artists showcase their understanding of space through the melding of words and images. The exhibition brings together artists from Kunsthaus Kannen and California for the first time.

Visitor Engagement Project: We invite you to draw and write on our on-going exhibition project. On the long paper rolls on the wall and on the floor, you can creatively respond to the titular question "Where am I?".

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