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Robert Burda

Born 1942 in Bremen
Resident since 1968 in Haus-Kannen

Robert Burda has participated in painting therapy since 1976 and in art therapy since 1984. The different stages and events of his life are collected in his portfolio. Robert Burda begins with a drawing, and then emphasises detail with colour. An eidetic disposition allows him to recall emotionally charged experiences precisely as they occurred. He is also able to elevate himself, to view a situation from above and paint it as if from a bird's eye view. An important aspect is the way he maintains a temporal or spatial distance to the events and the fact that he puts himself into the scene. Then he writes his name, as if to say "I was there".

The creative atmosphere of his paintings can be sensed in the juxtaposition of light and dark, which itself penetrates the darkness with a structure created through different blacks. Robert Burda sees and forms himself within the contexts both of the group and the hospital, and appears, in the tension between light and dark, to be connected with the whole of creation.



1994 City Library, Münster, Town Hall, Senden
1995 Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf `Ans Licht geholt' Individuen, Kolvenburg, Coesfeld
1999 Die ungewisse Ordnung der Dinge, Kunstverein Aschaffenburg