Wilke Klees


Wilke Klees was born in 1978 in Wilhelmshafen and grew up in Varel in Ostfriesland as an only child. After his secondary school certificate he began an apprenticeship as a nurse.  In 2006 Klees was incorporated on the Alexianer-campus since then he lives there. 2008 was the first year, in which Klees firstly started to visit the art studio and began to work with manifold techniques.


At his own work place he occupies himself with the most different themes. On one hand he is interested in landscapes and also in the portrayal of animals, occasionally he combines both, on the other hand he addresses himself to technical objects like machines, cars or plains and also aliens with their vehicles. Furthermore, also the portrait drawing is a huge part of the Klees’ creative work. Thereby, the expression of the portrayed subject is important to the artist, insignificant which creature becomes the topic of his work. Especially noticeable is this looking at his portrayal of aliens which are quickly drawn with a black pen and much irony and wit. That is why they remind the viewers of comics and that not only with regard to the content. Characteristic for the style of the artist is the vividness, which one can find in his creations. Klees is equipped with a well-controlled fast stroke, with which he is able to create impressive portraits just with a few verves. These portraits sometimes approach the field of caricature. Furthermore, he has a tinge of another color in each colored area of his pictures and works with colored hatchings so that also in this domain the pictures get a vivid character. Especially through these features the technical quality of Klees’ creations becomes obvious. A completely different quality in turn is shown by other pictures of the artist. Looking at them the viewer sees himself confronted with a whole bulk of abstract forms and things, in which emerging network well-known objects and items are weaved in like for example an atomic power plant, flowers or an interrogation mark. Despite the enigmatic impression a socio-critical undertone seems to be noticeable.