Franz Huestedde

Franz Huestedde was born in Ahlen, Germany in 1935  and lived in an institution of House Kannen. In 1993 he died there. One day he decided to join an art group. He quickly found a way to express himself. Soon, a main motif surfaced: as a carpenter he was interested in buildings. Thus, he created various pictures of houses and palaces, phantastic, self- constructed ones or realistic ones. Especially the work of von Leger called “Winter Landscape” was personally important to him. Here, Huestedde encountered the most striking aspects that would define his own pictures later on: the organic and the constructed. After years full of vitality and creative enthusiasm he became more and more quiet as time moved on. In these last years of his life, another form began to evolve as his main motif: the circle. Unable to communicate with words, his colourings and shapes are the mirror of his mental state.