Bernhard Pfitzner

*1952, Dortmund  †2020, Münster

His mental disability was not recognized in childhood, he lived in an orphanage. In 1958,he came to his foster father, who initially thought he was deafmute. Pfitzner was cared of and promoted by him, but he did not attend a special school or had any other form of employment. In 1970 he was admitted to a group of the Alexianer. Berni Pfitzner is currently working at and creating paper collages. He regularly searches the trash in Kunsthaus for useable envelopes or something similar. He folds them or tears them and reassembles them with glue and creates new structures, which are mainly structured by frequently used red adhesive strips. In some of these works, one believes, to recognize houses or jackets. Also, Pfitzner often uses photos, mostly by nurses or people with similar professional backgrounds, cut out of leaflets. He partially covers them over and integrates them into the structure of the paper layers. Rarely, a drawing element is added, which is then also attached by sticking small pieces of paper, to get a more intense effect.