Bruno Ophaus

*1920 in Nordkirchen, († 1991)
Lived since 1974 in Haus-Kannen

Bruno Ophaus' first attempts at drawing were in 1983, when he had been living in Haus Kannen for 40 years. He was one of the first patients to participate in art therapy. In the 10 years up to his death he went through an astonishingly creative phase, which is reflected in the variety of his pictorial statements. He began in 1984, copying from other pictures. He took many different animal forms, from dinosaurs to various ducks, from animal books. The pictures tell stories by means of the accumulation, transformation, direction, repetition and colour of his animal and human forms. His delicate drawings now and then show memories of his hometown, Südkirchen. His drawings, in pencil and felt-tip, reflect his former profession as a builder, with their village squares, walls, hobs and wheelbarrows.



1987 Kolpingwerk, Coesfeld
1990 Kongreß Kunst und Psychiatrie, Stadttheater Münster
1995 Individuen, De Stadshof, Zwolle/NL Zomergasten, Swaensteyn
Utrecht, NL Individuen, Kolvenburg, Billerbeck
Ans Licht geholt, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf Gott und Teufel, Franz-Hitze-Haus Münster Kloster Gerleve Coesfeld, Galerie Sienna Krakau, Kulturhistonsches Museum Breslau, Cath. University Lublin
1999 Gott und Teufel, Kapelle der Vestischen Kinderklinik Datteln