Fritz Tobergte

*1913 in Osnabrueck, †1989 in Münster

Since 1935, Fritz Tobergte lived with the Alexianer and made his first drawings in the 70s. His pictures developed from endlessly intertwined and spiral lines and squiggles. The depictions show houses, human encounters, orthodox churches and again Jesus Christ with crown and wounds on huge hands and feet, sometimes pierced by arrows, spread out to the shape of a cross. His interspersed texts (mostly song texts and prayers) are striking, but also numerous quotations and fragments whose meaning cannot always be deciphered. Fritz Tobergte held together the abundance of seemingly unconnectable ideas and symbols through the endless line and through his pictorial writing.


1987 Kolpingwerk, Coesfeld, Germany

1990 Congress Art and Psychiatry, Municipal Theatre, Muenster, Germany

1995 Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf, Germany

1998 Franz-Hitze-Haus,Muenster, Germany, Monastery of Gerleve, Coesfeld, Germany, Galllery Sienna Krakau, Poland, Kulturhistorisches Museum, Breslau, Poland, Kath.Uni. Lublin, Poland

1999 God and Devil, St. Josef-Kirche Datteln,Germany

2020 "Wo bin ich?" Ausstellung (05.07 - 04.10), Kunsthaus Kannen, Münster