Werner Streppel

Born 1930 in Lüdenscheidt
Passed away in 2013

Werner Streppel is a man of few words. When spoken to he will give a friendly but brief res­ponse. He performs his work every day in the garden, which is very important to him. Werner Streppel is a convincing personality. Determinedly, he sets his broad dark lines on the paper. They delineate the object and the space above and below, divide the areas and finally, intensify the glow of the colours towards a great radiance. The central object of the pictures appears to connect the heaven and the earth. Werner Streppel works independently, most of his paintings are produced in his room. He paints with concentration and seriousness. As far is known, he began painting for himself in 1981/82. He mainly paints in watercolour. When asked how he thinks up his motifs, he will answer, "Yes, I've got to look for them". His preferred motifs are: houses, trees, vases of flowers. Others are: cars, horses and ships. He has also produced pictures of wartime military vehicles and aircraft. Recently, he has started doing pictures of his present experiences, e.g. holiday motifs or the changes to the buildings in the hospital garden. Occasionally he will use other people's sug­gestions for a motif or technique. The themes that Werner Streppel treats in his pictures could, looking at their symbols, be the themes of any person, leading to a superpersonal solidarity between painter and viewer whereby a communication can take place unnoticed.


1987 Kolpingwerk, Coesfeld
1990 Stadttheater, Münster
1991 Höttestift Münster
1992 Meckmannshof, Münster
1993 Caritas-Haus, Münster
Rathaus, Senden (Moved to an outside residence Haus Martin)
1997 Kunst im Format, Museum De Stadshof, Zwolle NL CreArt / Reha - Messe, Düsseldorf