Friedrich Wilhelm Koch

*1929, Homberg  †2013, Münster

After various hospital stays, he was admitted to the Alexianer in 1958, where he lived until his death. Since 1984, he attracted attention through his artistic talent and was a member of the Haus-Kannen-artists. Friedrich Koch has been drawing for years and had an extensive creative work. Primarily, he worked on paper with chalk or tempera. From art books or magazines, he selected his motifs, mostly pictures of the famours painters: Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Toulouse Loutrec and August Macke. He worked calmly, resolutely and quickly on his drawings. With clear, sure lines he captured the motif and laid soft, colorful chalk layers over it, so that the female figures, faces and landscapes appeared in a soft light. Friedrich Koch statement about his pictures:"I do not write a date! The pictures are timeless, independent of time and space."