Hermann König

Born 1941 in Lünen
Resident in Haus-Kannen since 1987

Hermann König  prefers to paint objects from everyday life, such as houses, trees, lanterns, birds and horses. König places these motifs in the middle of the picture directly in front of a carefully coloured background. His colours are very clear and his forms almost abstract. For example, his houses are symmetrical and the cherries hang from his trees in strict verticals.

Maybe the most conspicuous thing about his pictures is the inscription. König writes it along the top of the picture.This inscription is more than just a title, for he notes the exact date and gives a description of the picture, usually in several lines.



2003 Jahresausstellung Kunsthaus-Kannen, Münster

2004 Jahresausstellung Kunsthaus-Kannen, Münster

2005 Jahresausstellung Kunsthaus-Kannen, Münster