Gisela Mauz

Born 1939 in Königsberg
Died 2013

Gisela Mauz was born in 1939 in Königsberg. As a daughter of a bourgeois family she studied german, roman language and literature as well as art history and started a family. A psychic illnes lead to grave crisises and numerous stays in the hospital. Finally because of her illnes she was forced to give her life a new direction. That's why she moved in a communal residence of the Alexianer in Münster in year 2007. Here she found again her interest in art and started to paint. She brought together well known motifs and techniques as well as impressions from nature. In the end she couldn't stop working in the studios of Kunsthaus Kannen. Since 2008 her pictures were regularly part of numerous exhibitions in Kunsthaus Kannen.