Hans-Werner Padberg

Born 1960 in Hamm

Resident since 1991 in Haus-Kannen

Hans-Werner Padberg suffered a serious accident in early childhood, leaving him spastically paralysed on one side. He enjoyed little support from his family, and, when his parents died, he came to the Landeskrankenhaus Münster. He has lived in Haus Kannen since 1981. He talks a lot and laughs a lot, is curious and interested, and is always full of ideas. Anyone who meets him now would never realise from what kind of background he comes. As befits his independence, he has centred himself and his life in one of the Alexianer Hospital's outside communal groups.

In his art therapy, Hans-Werner Padberg paints exciting and stimulating experiences, as it were, noting them down. Practical manual activities with different materials and tools have given him a great personal impetus. He favours working with hammer and saw, shaping pieces of wood, and gluing them together to form sculptures. Finally, he paints the objects, in a manner in which series and accumulation show an astonishingly confident formal organisation.


1994 Stadtbücherei, Münster
1995 Individuen, Museum de Stadshof, Zwolle / NL Zomergasten, Swaensteyn Utrecht NL Individuen, Kolvenburg, Billerbeck Ans Licht geholt, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf
1997 Creart 97, Messehallen Düsseldorf
1998 Haus Kannen Artists, Turm Galerie Hochheim Kunsthaus Kannen Münster