Manfred Heiden

 * 1946, Gütersloh

Manfred Heiden, artist in the studio of the Kunsthaus Kannen, works with different techniques. He paints with watercolors, oil crayons and draws with ink and crayons. He formulates drawings with powerful, fast strokes. The colorful images are the result of spontaneous situations, zoo visits, walks or observations of his surroundings.

His greatest interest, however, is the printmaking. His prints also reveal many of the characteristics of his drawings. Thus, the linocuts have fast, scratching strokes, with which he worked the surface in strong intensity. This creates a complex network that Manfred Heiden considers to be completed only when as many colors as possible have been applied in the picture. The more colors are stored on top of each other, the more they find the artist's favor.

Often his abstract prints are exhibited with circles and rectangles. In these, the different pressure and color layers, which he applies successively, good to see.