Paul Berger

Born 1950 in Münster
Resident in Haus-Kannen since 1977

Paul Berger paints objects from everyday life: human beings, houses, trees, cars, locomotives, airplanes, ducks, glasses. But he has a special perspective on these things, which he expresses with his individual variety of forms. His paintings attract attention because of their clearness and thriftiness. Berger abstracts his motifs; he combines circles, ovals and rectangles with his main motif, which he often places in the middle of the picture, drawing it in very large outlines.

In his pictures Berger limits himself to the essential and does not distinguish between the single motifs. Most of these motifs are a combination of one big circular form with rectangular forms.

Using wax-crayon and also water colours or felt-tips, he colours in the forms. He does not treat his lines as a strict boundary.




1997 Creat, Reha-Messe Düsseldorf
1998 Kunsthaus-Kannen, Münster
1998 Turm Galerie, Hochheim/Main
2000 Transport, Gallery Atelier Herenplaats, Rotterdam