Helmut Feder

* 1927 in Ahlen, († 2005)
Resident since 1949 in Haus-Kannen

Helmut Feder, who has been participating in art therapy since 1984, always appears to be dreaming a little, and talks to himself. In his paintings, he wanders through the world like a romantic, with an eye for its hidden corners in the city and the country. His compositions are free and detached; even the people and animals are without any firm standpoint. He paints houses and trees, flowers, butterflies, birds and fish, and then a donkey, always as if for the first time, sometimes in moonlight or together with other Bremer Stadtmusikanten (Animal Musicians - Bremen folk figures). He is especially interested in individual architectural ele­ments, the window or the gate. The objects are given a firm outline, but they are completely disregarded by the colour compositions. His colours are joyful, harmonious and complemen­tary, often red-brown. He often obtains his ideas from other pictures, which he changes and re-forms and usually reduces to their essential elements.


1987 Kolpingwerk, Coesfeld 1987
1995 Individuen, Museum de Stadshof, Zwolle/ NL
Individuen, Kolvenburg, Billerbeck
Zomergasten, Swaenstejn, Utrecht/ NL
1996 Kulturwoche Grenzgänge, Franziskanerkloster, Münster 1998 Ferien von Ich, Kunsthaus   Kannen, Münster