August Vibert

Born 1922 in Vreden, († 2005)
Resident since 1949 in Haus-Kannen

August Vibert has been painting regularly since 1985. To start with, he was simply offered paper and paints, and he began painting immediately: From circles and squares he formed shapes, which resembled mandalas, and arranged them in lines, on all his sheets. A few weeks later there followed series of coloured hearts, and later flowers. It quickly became apparent that August Vibert loved colours: he made more and more powerful use of them, and found increasingly bolder colour combinations. the background is often painted completely in light yellow. Sometimes red can also be seen, increasing in intensity to purple, and also bright, lush green. The colours always appear to be chosen so as to intensify their effect. August Vibert's favourite motifs alongside houses and trees are birds, cows and horses. Occasionally, memories of the time he lived on a farm will find their way here. His joy of colour and shape is also in the company of a marked enthusiasm for the ornamen­tal, and a love of adding detail. Visible alongside August Vibert's great feeling for the use of colour, is his sense of rhythm in a picture.

August Vibert is a very quiet, introverted person, who has only started coming a little out of himself in the last eight years, and rarely says anything. He has painted for two hours every week, either pictures which have grown inside him over the decades, or he took inspiration from the works of famous artists.




1987 Kolpingwerk, Coesfeld

1994 City Library, Münster