Gerd Maron

*1942 in Wendisch Pribbernow, Kreis Greifenberg († 2011)
Resident since 1988 in Haus-Kannen

When Gerd  Maron  paints, he lets his imagination take over. "From the gut" he draws sweeping, rhythmic lines across the page, uncontrolled, dreamily obeying only his feeling in the best sur­realist manner. The lines enclose areas which are then filled in either with strict line patterns or loose structures. They form figures, symbols and ornamental shapes: circles, spirals, dia­monds, 5 and 6 pointed stars, animals and people.

In constant alternation the freedom of the imagination and ordering reflection are brought to complement each other. Different feelings become denser, complex forms. A beast of prey, with dangerously flashing teeth appears to be carrying a being on his back, half woman, half fish.

His paintings are expressions of his huge Phantasie.



1998 Caritas-Haus, Münster
1998 Kunsthaus Kannen, Münster