Muammer Savran

Muammer Savran was born in 1969 in Turkey as the youngest of three children. In the Year 1980 the family moved to Germany. At the age of 15 Savran went comatose for three days without any obvious reason which entailed a personality change. After the hospitalization he began an apprenticeship as a bricklayer which he successfully completed. After a few stays in psychiatric departments and an occupation in a sheltered work shop he was incorporated in 1994 in a residential group of the Alexianers. Muammer Savran finds his inspirations in the art work of the 19th and 20th century which is in most cases well-known by the spectator. But because of his own way of alienation his creations make a nearly ironizing and caricaturing impression. Especially fascinating are the artist’s portraits of women whose body contours and forms he converts in an exciting line game. Muammer Savran also designs the environment of the figures without any template and changes them into absolute nonrepresentational color fields which interrelate strongly with the figures through their colorfulness and their positioning in the area and contribute essentially to the alienation and the ironizing of the template. Without losing himself in decorativeness Savran always designs the whole paper surface mostly with oil pastel crayons and a feisty spontaneous paint application and a swift line haul so that a reproductive impression of his pictures is avoided.