Fritz Tobergte

Fritz Tobergte

* 1913 in Osnabrueck, (†1989)

from 1935 to 1989 he lived and worked in Kunsthaus Kannen 

Here he found his way to art. His pictures are a jigsaw puzzle out of various interwoven lines and flourishing. The observer can find people, encounters between different kinds of people, churches and images of Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns and stigmata. He also uses fragments of prayers or chants to illustrate his works. He often brings together elements that do not seem to be compatible at first glance and combines them through his personal logic to his works.

1987 Kolpingwerk, Coesfeld, Germany 
1990 Congress Art and Psychiatry, Municipal Theatre, Muenster, Germany
1995 Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf, Germany
1998 Franz-Hitze-Haus,Muenster, Germany, Monastery of Gerleve, Coesfeld, Germany,
         Galllery Sienna Krakau, Poland, Kulturhistorisches Museum, Breslau, Poland, Kath.
          Uni. Lublin, Poland
1999 God and Devil, St. Josef-Kirche Datteln,Germany